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Artificial Nails

    Glue-On Nails

  • Gel Fantasy

    Gel Fantasy

    A sparkling glitter manicure with a shiny, smooth finish and no hassle of glitter removal!

  • NEW

    French Tip Extensions

    Create long, lustrous nails in French Manicure style with tip extensions!

  • everlasting French

    everlasting French

    Rich white tip stays chip-free for up to a week; looks like you spent hours at the salon.

  • Luxury Nails

    Beautiful, 3D designed glue-on nails create a high-end manicure for less!

  • CustomFit Nails

    CustomFit Nails

    The perfect nail kit for hard-to-fit nail beds; includes flat and high arch nail shapes.

  • Catwalk Nails

    Style savvy nail designs that take their cues from the fashion runways.

  • 100-Count Full-Cover Nails

    100-Count Full-Cover Nails

    Apply full-cover bare nails or tips to add length to natural nails.

    Pre-Glued Nails

  • Pink by Kiss

    Pink by Kiss

    Little hands want in on the manicure fun! Petite, kid-sized, stick-on nails are Mom approved!

  • Express on Nails

    Pre-glued nails press right on in minutes.


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